Moss Buster 4 in 1 5L
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Moss Buster 4 in 1 5L


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Moss Buster with fast 4 in 1 action.

Moss Buster is formulated to remove Moss, Algae, Fungi, Lichen, and red discolouration from Concrete, Kerbs, Patios, Greenhouse Glass, Headstones, Decking, Pottery, Footpaths, Timber, Fibreglass Boats, PVC, Tile and Slate Roofs, Tarmacadam and Walls.

12 months long-lasting, Moss Buster is rainproof in 180 minutes, lasts for 12 months and you can see results in 90 minutes.

Moss Buster contains no bleach or acids and is biodegradable

Directions for Use

·         Apply to a surface using a watering can or garden sprayer.

·         Apply only when the surface is dry.

·         Ensure that the surface being treated is well sprayed.

·         After moss turns brown it must be removed from the surface by way of a yard brush or light hosing. If treated moss is not removed, new moss may appear.


For Normal use: Mix 1 part Moss buster with 5 parts water.  This will cover approx 210 sq metres (265 sq yds)

For Light use: Mix 1 part Moss Buster with 10 parts water. Covers approx. 385 sq m (486 sq yards)