Stafford Country Blends Smokeless 40kg
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Stafford Country Blends Smokeless 40kg

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Country Blend Smokeless Coal 40KG offers superb heat output over an extended period and for Stafford Smokeless Fuel & Firewood customers can be delivered directly to your door in Dublin Or East Wicklow.

Very easy and straightforward to light and provides a warm, dry, smokeless, and consistent heat that can easily last through the night. It keeps an average-sized family home warm even during the coldest times of winter. Our Smokeless coal complies with Smokeless Fuel Regulations and it can be used within the designated smokeless areas.

  • Highest Quality Smokeless Fuel
  • Blend of manufactured Ovoid, Pet Coke, and Nuggets
  • Irelands Top Quality Smokeless fuel for many years
  • High heat output over an extended period
  • Can be used in open fires and closed appliances
  • Complies with Smokeless Fuel Regulations